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Volunteer events that’ll benefit your career

Volunteer events that’ll benefit your career

Each year, many volunteer organisations across New Zealand run major events. Whether it’s to raise money or awareness, or something entirely different, these events are often the key to engaging the community, and perhaps more importantly, people who don’t often volunteer. And you know that volunteering can help your career, right?

We’ve highlighted two upcoming volunteer events that you should definitely get involved in 2016.

  1. Oxfam Trailwalker

    Volunteering at Oxfam Trailwalker is a one of a kind experience. Your support will help make all the difference for Kiwis tackling a huge personal challenge – walking up to 100km in 36 hours! By volunteering, you’ll meet new people, bond with colleagues and friends, and most importantly, help make a difference. It’s a community event, bringing together people from all walks of life in the effort to raise vital funds for the fight against poverty in the Pacific.

    How does this relate to my career?

    Supporting others, helping a team tackle personal challenges, meeting new people? The relationship to your career is clear. No matter what role or industry you’re in or how big or small your team is, most jobs you undertake in life will require these skills. The Oxfam Trailwalker spans two days, which helps teach endurance in the face of hardship. Whether it’s working overtime to get that project done, or having to start again from scratch, this volunteer event has the capacity to teach you some important lessons about yourself personally and professionally. Katherine Bowden, Fundraising Events Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator at Oxfam adds, “by giving freely of your time, and expecting nothing in return to help others complete an incredible challenge shows an amazing sense of empathy, dedication and motivation, that employers regard highly,” she says.
  2. Relay For Life

    Relay For Life is another community event run nationwide that gives people a chance to celebrate cancer survivors and carers, to remember loved ones lost to cancer and to continue raising awareness and funds to support the work of the Cancer Society. Relay For Life is for people of all ages and fitness levels - anyone can take part! You’ll assist in helping cancer patients and their families, make a meaningful difference in your community, build relationships and networks that last a lifetime, and grow personally and professionally.

    How does this relate to my career?

    This one’s easy - anyone can take part. Throughout your career, you’ll work with people you like, people you don’t like, those you come to love, and then there’ll be some that continue to surprise you, no matter how long you share a workplace with them! It’s all about being adaptable, which is a skill employers everywhere can appreciate.

    While it’s great to commit to a large charity event when the opportunity arises, there are many other ways you can volunteer and assist your community all year round. New Zealand volunteer organisations such as St. John, GirlGuiding New Zealand, West Auckland Parents Centre, Special Olympics New Zealand, Volunteer Wellington, Gisborne Volunteer Centre and Volunteer Kapiti are regularly looking for volunteers to fill a range of positions. Volunteering, no matter what the role, relates to your career in many ways. It can help you find your passion, acquire new skills and experience, and expand your network.

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