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Top 6 TV workplaces you want to work in

Top 6 TV workplaces you want to work in

Sometimes finding the right job means daydreaming about the kind of role you think would bring you happiness. Thankfully, there are tons of great fictional workplaces on your favourite TV shows to help guide you in the right direction.

  1. Mystic Falls High, The Vampire Diaries. Whether your skills lend themselves to teaching, lunch-lady-ing or janitor-ing, there are always jobs available at Mystic Falls High. Chiefly because of the high turnover rate as staff mysteriously vanish or are found maimed. It’s not all bad though; especially if you’re a fan of local history and chaperoning decade-themed school dances. Pros include the workplace culture of enjoying a drink or two at The Grill with some strikingly handsome co-workers and locals. Cons include the whole mysterious maiming thing.
  2. Central Perk, Friends. If you love chatting with people and don’t mind dealing with a passive aggressive boss fluent in sarcasm, a gig waitressing at Central Perk wouldn’t be the worst job in the world. Pros include free coffee and being hit on by a charming young actor. Cons include overhearing the “on a break” debate several times each week.
  3. Behind the Glass, Big Brother. Are you a practical joker at heart, with a few control issues? Then a job as the Big Brother inside Dreamworld’s Big Brother house might just be the role you were born for. Pros include the power to channel your dark side, plotting pranks on the unsuspecting and unwitting at every turn. Cons include being required to listen to every whiny diary room confession from housemates with an empathetic ear.
  4. Castle Black, Game of Thrones. Feeling like an outcast, and unsure any other organisation will employ you? There’s always a job going at The Wall. Sure, cons include being cold, an increased risk of White Walker sightings, and there will be days where the monotony of watching winter coming might get to you. But pros include being in close proximity of a brooding but boyish Jon Snow.
  5. Summer Bay Surf Club, Home and Away. If you dream of an endless summer style job, why not slap on some sunscreen and don your speedos as a lifeguard at Summer Bay Surf Club? You’ll have the perfect tan year-round and the privilege of getting to know all of the most beautiful people. Who knows – when they go on to bigger and better things you’ll be able to tell your mates you knew Shannon and James and David and Vinnie way back when. Pros include surf, sun and an unlimited supply of popsicles. Cons include the potential risk of having to single-handedly fight off a Great White when one of the local kids doesn’t swim between the flags.
  6. The Comic Center of Pasadena, Big Bang Theory. If you were always proud of your nerd status at high school and you love nothing more than getting lost in a good graphic novel, a job at The Comic Center of Pasadena – affectionately known as “the comic book store” by locals – could be a great career move. Cons include dealing with Captain Sweatpants and that guy who looks like a praying mantis. Pros include free comic book reading, and getting to feel like one of the elite every time you go to Comic-Con.