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Making time to volunteer is easier than you think

Making time to volunteer is easier than you think

It’s National Volunteer Week this week – what better time to think about how you can make a difference to your community. The main reason people provide for not volunteering is that they don't have the time. But volunteering doesn't have to be a chore. There are many less conventional ways to volunteer that aren't overly time consuming.

The main reason people provide for not volunteering is that they don't have the time. But volunteering doesn't have to be a chore.
  • Think local. You can cut down on time by focusing your volunteering efforts on helping out your local community. Think about how you can assist the people in your neighbourhood. You can offer, for example, to take the bins out for your elderly neighbours or help them with their gardening. This is also a great way of fostering a strong community spirit.  
  • Consider short bursts. Volunteering opportunities, like work and technology, are evolving to become evermore flexible and convenient.

    Many volunteer organisations now offer volunteer opportunities that are short, one-off experiences, or  that can be done remotely on computer. You can commit as much or as little time as you want, and it doesn’t usually involve an on-going commitment.
  • Indulge you passion at the same time. Love playing music? Why not spend a few hours a week performing for the residents of your local nursing home?

    Love animals? Why not volunteer as a dog-walker at your local animal shelter?

    Volunteering can be fun as well as rewarding. Put some time into thinking about how you can combine the things you love, while lending a hand and helping the local community.
  • World Masters Games 2017. Next year Auckland will host the World Masters Games, which provides an exciting opportunity for sports-loving volunteers. Teresa Dow, Volunteer Program Coordinator for the event, suggests those wanting to get involved speak with their local sports club or community group. “See whether they have heard of the World Masters Games 2017, and get a group together to volunteer as a team during the Games,” she says.

    There’s a wide array of opportunities on offer. “There are four volunteer categories to choose from: Technical; Medical; Sport and Games,” Dow explains. “There is something for everyone, and the majority of the roles are required across sporting venues throughout Auckland and the Waikato region.”

    Volunteers are needed to assist at all the ceremonies and sporting events, as well as providing transport to competitors and officials, helping with registrations and accreditations and a whole host of other official duties.

    As well as feeling a sense of fulfilment, the World Masters Games offers some great perks to its volunteers. Dow explains: “Joining the Pit Crew, volunteers will receive a World Masters Games 2017 uniform, a meal and refreshments at each shift, an invitation to a ‘Volunteer Thank You’ event at the conclusion of the Games, access to free public transport to get to and from shifts as well as being involved in a major world sporting event, and showcasing the best that Auckland and Waikato have to the world!”

If you’re thinking about making time to volunteer, the World Masters Games might be just the place to start. Go out and get involved!

Check out opportunities at the World Masters Games 2017 on SEEK Volunteer.