Workplace health check

Men’s Health Week is upon us, which means it’s time for all you hard-working blokes out there to give your workplace health a once-over and consider making a few simple but positive changes.

Here are our top 5 tips for improving your health on the job:

  1. Move it or lose it. If your job requires you to sit on your butt for a great deal of the working day, make sure you schedule in time to move between meetings. Hit the gym, get up from your desk and stretch regularly to boost your circulation, and increase your incidental exercise. Try parking further away from the office, or taking a walk for 20 minutes on your lunch break.
  2. Labour smart. Like sedentary work, physical or outdoor work can also significantly impact your body and health. Ensure you’re employing the safest techniques when doing heavy lifting and manual labour, always wear protective gear, and if you do injure yourself, fill in an incident form, notify your manager, and get it seen to by a doctor if necessary. Soldiering on or ignoring health and safety procedures may seem like a faster option when you just want to get the job done, but if something goes wrong it can wreck havoc on your long-term health – not to mention your ability to work. 
  3. Sneak in some greens. If your workplace culture sees everyone tucking into a pie for lunch, eating healthier doesn’t have to mean nibbling on a sad little salad while your mates tuck into a steak with cheese. Mix up your lunch without going hungry – pack a hearty chicken and salad sandwich on wholegrain bread, or hide your greens in a veggie burger. Improving your nutrition will give you more energy on the job, and turbocharge your health long-term.
  4. Take one for the team. Want to improve your health and boost your team dynamic? Joining the office cricket, rugby or indoor netball team is a great way to get to know your colleagues better, burn off some steam after work, and improve your fitness. If your workplace doesn’t have a social sports team already established, lead the way and organise one yourself. Indoor sports are a great option since you can play whatever the weather, so check out the options available at your local sports centre and gather a team.
  5. Seek support. Workplace worries are one of the leading contributors to overall stress, so don’t forget to take stock of your mental wellness this Men’s Health Week. If you’re feeling stressed, overworked, mentally drained or having trouble with a particular workplace issue, now’s the time to tackle it. Keep an open dialogue with your boss about your workload and current projects, and don’t hesitate to ask for advice or extra support if you feel snowed under. Often, just discussing an issue with your manager or teammates can lift the burden, making your time at work more enjoyable and productive.

Check out the Men’s Health Week website for more information.