Why a killer resume may no longer cut it

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a job has never been more competitive. Even highly qualified professionals with years of experience can face challenges when seeking a new role.

“We often receive many applications for a role, all of which can be great candidates. So it’s important when applying for a job to not only have a highly relevant resume and cover letter, but also an up-to-date SEEK profile.”, says Joanne Besser, Director of recruitment company, Career Threads. As a recruiter, Besser utilises SEEK profile to learn more about applicants and contact them directly if their profiles match the roles she’s seeking to fill.

As a potential candidate, standing out from the crowd can no longer lie simply in having a killer cover letter and resume. Here are just a few ways a SEEK profile can help you find your best job yet.

  • Be exposed to reputable and relevant employers. There are thousands of business owners, managers and recruiters like Besser who not only place ads on SEEK each day hoping to find the right applicants, but who are searching for their perfect candidates via SEEK profile. Besser explains that in order to find quality candidates that “exceed expectations” it often takes doing a search herself instead of relying on them to fall in her lap. This is exactly why having a SEEK profile will get you ready for the right job to come knocking on your door.
  • Better position yourself to potential employers. The information you decide to display on your SEEK profile is wholly in your control. You can use it to tell employers about your skills, experience and what you're looking for in your next role. Unlike traditional two-page resumes, SEEK profile allows you to communicate information to potential employers such as your current job seeking status (“in a role but could be tempted”) and salary expectations, letting you be up-front with potential employers, where a resume doesn’t usually allow for it.
  • Apply for jobs faster. We all know the dreaded process of applying for jobs. It can feel like you’ve become a machine on repeat mode. SEEK profile takes out all the tedious aspects of applying for jobs by automatically filling out the mandatory fields such as your name, phone number, email address and current role. Once you have your latest resume uploaded to your SEEK profile, it’s ready for you to attach to your application without having to upload it every time you apply for a new job, saving you loads of time in the process!
  • Be alerted first with new and relevant jobs delivered to your inbox. Whether you’re already working nine to five, or have a million and one things on the go, it can be difficult to scour SEEK often enough to spot the jobs that are most suitable for you. With a SEEK profile, you can be automatically and regularly alerted to the latest relevant opportunities via emails that show results that match your criteria. You’ll be applying for jobs without the searching, in no time!

Ready to get ahead in your job search? Create a SEEK profile now and improve your job seeking experience in minutes. If you have a SEEK profile already, why not get reacquainted with it and make sure you’ve got all your info up-to-date, to get the most you can out of it.

Besser explains that in order to find quality candidates that “exceed expectations” it often takes doing a search herself instead of relying on them to fall in her lap.