What recruiters look for in an online profile

The way recruiters and employers are searching for a candidate is beginning to change. Today, we're seeing many, many more employers proactive trying to find people for their roles by actively searching for them via their SEEK Profile. Which is why having a well-crafted and up-to-date profile is essential.

To ensure your profile stands out and catches the eye of employers, recruiters have revealed what they look for in a SEEK profile.
Think of your profile as a way to showcase your skills and experience says Penni Hlaca of Randstad. It increases your exposure to employers who are looking to fill a role. Publishing a profile means they don’t have to wait for you to apply for a job. If your profile comes up in a search they can draw your attention to that perfect job ad.

Recruiter Dylan White of Denovo Consulting Group adds that he searches through SEEK profiles for fast turnaround roles. An hour spent examining profiles can help him quickly develop a shortlist for a role.He’s looking for information such as salary expectations and skills. Often he finds successful candidates who have come from other industries but have great transferrable skills.

To get started, follow these simple tips from Randstad, Denovo and Hays:

  1. Update your profile regularly: Even if you’re 100% satisfied with your profile, be sure to update small details regularly to ensure it’s up-to-date. Those little tweaks may help you stand out from other candidates. Recently updated profiles also show you’re diligent, organised and potentially looking for work, says Dylan.

The best way to update your profile so it will be seen is to add new information such as details of a business network you belong to, a community project you’re involved in, or details of how you have been successful in your current role.

  1. Name drop: Penni scans for the names of companies that candidates have worked for. “Often, when I am talking to a company about their ideal person, we ask what type of organisation this person would be coming from. Examples could include a direct competitor or a business that excels in a particular field.” Recruiters also search for products that you’ve used and whether you have received particular qualifications.
  2. Think like a recruiter: If you want to boost your profile, ask yourself if it makes the right statement, says Jane McNeill of Hays. Is the summary strong enough and would you be wowed if you read it? To do this, ask yourself if you could word your profile more positively, polish the language, or highlight transferrable skills? If you can, then do it. It only takes a few minutes, and the potential payback of the enhanced exposure is worth it.

If you want to boost your career and job search, be sure to create your SEEK profile today. If you already have one, update it to ensure it stands out from your competitors’ profiles.