What are people looking for on SEEK? Top search terms revealed

Ever wondered what other people are looking for when they’re searching for jobs on SEEK?

Whether you’re looking to stay across job opportunities, get the most out of your next search or just an inside scoop on what others in your industry are looking for, it’s worth knowing what the top search terms are.

We’ve rounded up the top 20 search terms by industry on SEEK – here they are.

Use the drop-down menu below to uncover the top search terms in your industry.

See the trends

The simplest way to find that next great opportunity with SEEK is to search for it. But with so many roles out there, knowing how and what to search will help you get the most tailored job listings for you.

To help you find the job you want, it’s important to use the search terms that best describe the job you’re looking for. Search terms are whatever you type into the ‘What’ section of your job search on SEEK – they can include a job title such as 'Restaurant manager' or relate to the type of work you're looking for, such as 'Part time'.

You can be as general or specific as you want in your search – but the more specific you are, the better chances you have of finding jobs that match what you’re looking for.

While specific role titles feature heavily in the table above, we can also see people are using terms related to employment type, location and experience level. For example, ‘work from home’ is the most used search term for those looking for jobs in the Call Centre & Customer Service industry. If applicable, including this information in your search, in addition to a job title means it’s more likely you’ll get the most relevant job ads.

People are searching less by industry now, and are instead relying on search terms alone. Just 33% of searches now on SEEK use the classification filter – the middle box on the job search bar where industries appear. What this means is that people are placing even more importance on terms in their job search.

Understanding what others in your industry are searching for on SEEK – and the way that they’re searching – will help you get the most out of your job search. So for your next search, try adjusting the search terms you use to help you track down the opportunity you’re looking for.

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