Not looking for work? You'll still get further with a SEEK Profile

Regardless of whether you are actively looking for work or not, it’s important to keep all of your online profiles – including your SEEK profile – up to date and relevant. Why, you may ask?

“More recruiters are using search tool platforms such as SEEK profile as a place to search and find talent. Whether or not a candidate is actively looking, having an online presence will help you pass job screening and get an advantage to move on to the next stage with minimal effort,” explains Angela Tuazon, Recruitment Consultant at Good People HR.

Tuazon offers three more reasons why you should update your SEEK profile regularly even if you’re not looking for a new job, and how to do it – no exertion required:

  1. It gives you additional exposure in a tough job market. Having an online presence and a SEEK profile may one day replace the need for resumes. Finding jobs traditionally is getting tougher and candidates need to be unconventional and creative to attract recruiters and employers.

    How-to tip #1: In the Career history section, make sure you illustrate how you have achieved results through your responsibilities. For example: “I successfully designed and delivered a new online sales booking system which in the first six months increased sales by 20%.”
  2. It gives you the opportunity to be headhunted. The competition for candidates applying via job ads is substantial, and it’s possible your application may be overlooked. Having a SEEK profile will make you even more relevant, give you the advantage of being headhunted and show you what opportunities are out there.

    How-to tip #2: Attract the right employers and make a great first impression by writing two to three punchy sentences in the Personal summary section that gives a good snapshot of your unique offering. For example, “I am an experienced marketing manager who specialises in B2C marketing with a focus on digital channels. I have gained practical skills in the areas of copywriting and social media marketing, and am as comfortable creating strategic marketing plans as I am implementing them.”
  3. It’s a way to build your personal brand. By creating a SEEK profile you are building your personal brand. Employers like to see who is proud of their work and current workplace and want to employ passionate people.

    How-to tip #3: Make sure your SEEK profile matches or compliments the content in your other online profiles and offline resume to present a cohesive personal brand. Consider the language and structure you use across all touchpoints. For example, if you only list your three most recent jobs in your profile, make sure your resume shows the same. And for the convenience of those recruiters and employers viewing your profile, attach your resume to your profile in the Resume section and ensure you periodically upload your most up-to-date version.

Don’t wait another minute! Update your SEEK profile today so it works for you while you keep working.

Having a SEEK profile will make you even more relevant, give you the advantage of being headhunted and show you what opportunities are out there.