New Zealand's most and least applied for jobs on SEEK

Looking for a job can be challenging, and while you are in control of how you are presenting yourself to potential employers what you can’t control is what other job seekers are doing. But knowing what your competition looks like can influence when, how and what roles you apply for. 

That’s why we’re taking a look at the roles and industries attracting the most and least applications across New Zealand. 

Top 10 most applied for jobs

Top 10 least applied for jobs 

Explore the lists below to see if competition is currently hot in your industry or if it could be the perfect time to apply. Plus, hear from industry experts on what’s driving the latest application trends. 

New Zealand’s most applied for jobs

Hot competition in hospitality

New Zealand’s burgeoning Hospitality & Tourism industry is proving attractive to job seekers. Airline roles, Front Office & Guest Services and Waiting Staff are among the most applied for on SEEK.

If you are planning to apply for one of these roles, there are ways to stand out from the competition.

John Terry, Managing Director of specialist hospitality and travel recruitment firm TMS Talent, says employers in the hospitality sector value people who have a flexible approach to working hours, so be sure to highlight this in your job application.

“Applicants who are well presented, passionate about an employer brand or product and have engaging personalities are consistently front runners for securing the best roles,” adds Terry. “Put any relevant experience up front in your resume and customise your cover letter to explain why you are passionate about working for that employer,” he says.

Administration proves popular

A number of roles within Administration and Office Support also appear in the top 10 list of most applied for roles. These include Receptionists, Data Entry & Word Processing and Administrative Assistants.

Megan Alexander, General Manager of Robert Half New Zealand, says automation is reducing the number of roles in key areas of administration, such as data entry.

“However, employers still need people to administer a lot of this technology, so we are seeing many administration professionals reskilling in order to increase their knowledge and confidence with new technology,” she says. “We expect to see a greater demand for admin specialists with data and tech skills, so if you have these skills, highlight them in your applications.”

New Zealand’s most applied for jobs

Lawyers in demand

Roles in the legal industry dominate the top 10 least applied for roles on SEEK. They include Environment & Planning Law, Construction Law and Property Law.

The 2018 Hays Job Report notes that an increasing number of commercial developments in New Zealand is fuelling the demand for property lawyers while the growth in infrastructure is leading to greater call for construction lawyers.

Supply is not keeping up with demand for these roles – and this may be good news for those in the legal industry. The Hays report states that firms are offering additional employee benefits to attract quality employees. These include flexible working options where possible, as well as opportunities for part-time hours and working offsite.

Healthy outlook for healthcare workers

Not only are applications struggling to meet the growing demand for workers in the aged care industry, there’s also a shortage of skilled workers applying for roles at the other end of the healthcare spectrum. The role in New Zealand that has attracted the fewest applications per role was Nursing - Midwifery, Neo-Natal, SCN & NICU.

Dan Hobson Director of Hobson Health Recruitment, says such specialist roles are “always in demand”.  “The ratio of qualified midwives to registered nurses is low,” he says. “It’s a very specialised area of nursing.”

If you currently work in the healthcare industry, it may be worth reskilling to become eligible for some of the sought-after specialist roles. Hobson says you’ll have greater negotiating power with employers.

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Source: SEEK Employment Report 2018 vs 2017