Matching your personality to the right role for you

Having the right personality for a role can be just as important as the right skills when it comes to career success. For example, someone who cannot sit still will likely not thrive in an office, just as a perfectionist may struggle to think on their feet.

Chris Golis, business mentor and author of The Humm Handbook, separates personalities into seven categories and says certain types suit certain roles. However, hope is not lost if the two are not a match, as personality traits can be learnt like any other skill.

  1. The Mover
    These people are extroverts, driven by the desire to communicate.
    "This is a person who likes dealing with people so they like dealing with the front desk," he says."They are smiley, enthusiastic and enjoy working as a team so suit people-orientated businesses such as fast food, hotels, hospitality."
  2. The Double Checker
    These workers are detail-oriented, compassionate, sympathetic, agreeable and loyal to their organisation.
    "They are in nursing, teaching, administration and public service," Golis says.
  3. The Artist
    Golis classifies artists as creative people, such as those working in fashion, design, photography and anything else which is visual.

    He says the artist tends to be emotional and sensitive. Their weakness, however, can often be avoiding conflict.
  4. The Politician
    The politician's greatest strength is an ability to make decisions. "They are verbal, very good with words and persuasive in arguments," Golis says. "They want to become the manager. They join an organisation and focus on getting to the top.

    This personality type suits work in defence, sports, police and media.
  5. The Engineer
    Engineers are hands-on and good at project work and have a passion for creating things. Common personality characteristics of the engineer is an ability to focus on one project to get it done.

    This personality is common in IT, construction, engineering and manufacturing.
  6. The Hustler
    Golis says hustlers love dealing with money and acting as middlemen. They are persuasive by nature and have an ability to read social situations well and adjust their behaviour to suit.

    Hustlers tend to work well in sales, as real estate agents and investment brokers.
  7. Normal
    These workers are emotionally stable and often the ones running the offices.
    "Their first question in a new job is 'Where is the procedures manual?'," Golis says. "They are very controlled, speak logically and rationally, and have high self control."

    Normal personalities suit procedure-driven work such as in law, accounting and administration.

Knowing your personality strengths and finding a career that will allow you to put them to use could be the secret to you finding yourself in a fulfilling career.

This article was first published by Melanie Burgess, Deputy Careers Editor at News Corp Australia.