Love animals? Here are 4 career ideas for you

Do you love animals? Crave a career where you can make a difference for your furry, feathered and otherwise non-human friends?

Whether you want to care for sick animals, become a zookeeper or simply help animals live happier lives, there are plenty of great jobs out there if working with animals is your calling.

To work out exactly how you can do this, here are four careers to consider plus the skills and study you may need.

  1. Veterinarian
    Veterinarians – or Vets – diagnose, prevent and treat injury and disease affecting animals. Vets usually specialise in specific types of animals, and this can be influenced by where they work. In metropolitan areas, Vets mostly work with domestic animals like cats and dogs, while those in rural areas tend to treat livestock.

    Vets are generally based in small practices, but some may be employed by the government to monitor and control animal disease or conduct research. Vets must study for five years to gain the qualifications needed.
  2. Animal Attendant
    Want work that’s hands on? Animal Attendants work directly with animals to provide basic care and exercise. This can include preparing food and housing, and bathing and grooming animals. It’s an ideal job for animal lovers as you’re ensuring those in your care are happy and healthy.

    Part of the role also requires observing and taking notes on the animals and their conditions, and maintaining their records. This means you’re working alongside Vets as well as other staff and inspectors, and talking with owners.
  3. Dog Groomer
    If you feel like working with sick or injured animals might be a little hard to bear, you could consider a career as a Dog Groomer. They provide washing, cutting, grooming and styling services for dogs. This includes cleaning and clipping nails and detangling fur.

    A knowledge of dog breeds and products is required, and the role can be physically demanding. Groomers must be able to spend long periods standing or crouching, and be able to remain calm and comfortable handling a range of different dog breeds.
  4. Zookeeper
    Want to work with more exotic, unusual animals than cats and dogs? A career as a Zookeeper could be your best bet. Zookeepers oversee the care and feeding of animals in captivity for conservation and education, and are also responsible for the maintenance of their enclosures. This means you’ll be doing everything from feeding and cleaning animals, to training them to respond to commands.

    Zookeepers also provide reports to Vets, and they present information and answer questions from zoo visitors, so observation and communication skills are key.

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