Is your company doing its job?

Have you been slogging away at your job without much reward? Do you feel stuck in a role you don’t love? Could your work situation be a whole lot better? It’s time to ask yourself if the company you work for could be doing more to increase your happiness and satisfaction.

Career development opportunities, supportive management, good salary offerings, work-life balance, and positive, engaging working programs are all benefits that contribute to a fulfilling and enjoyable work environment. In turn, companies who provide these benefits motivate their employees to work harder and more productively. It’s a win-win situation, right?

Sure, starting a new job at a new company has its risks, but there are easy ways to reduce that risk, and ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into. 

No matter the type or number of jobs in your career plan, get to know what it’s like to work at a company before you start there, to ensure there’s only love, and no hate.

  • Development opportunities. It’s a wonderful quality to be committed to progress. If you’ve been in a role for some time and are ready for a new challenge, or have your sights set on a particular high-level role, the company you work for will play a huge role in facilitating that growth and development. Choosing a company that encourages movement within the organisation will be a win for your career in the long-term.
  • Supportive management. If you’re not enjoying your job you need to critically review whether it’s the work you’re doing, the culture of the company or the individual you are reporting to. The old adage that people join companies but leave managers is still true. A supportive manager is likely to keep you in your role for longer because of the positive effect they have on you and your morale, and the trust and confidence they instill.
  • Salary offerings. How important is salary to you? While money is a driving force for many, some people are willing to forego huge financial remuneration in place of other benefits. Working out the role salary plays in your work satisfaction is important.
  • Work-life balance. Some companies may claim to have flexible working hours at the interview stage, for example, when this might not really be the case. A truly good company will have programs in place that push for their employees to work in ways that suit them best, and support them in the face of change.
  • Health or wellness programs. Dot coms like Google aren’t the only companies offering free sports and yoga classes. More companies are realising that creativity doesn’t always come when you’re sitting at your desk. Whether it’s free fruit or healthy breakfasts in the office, or meditation retreats as incentives, it’s worth knowing how the company can help you lead a balanced and healthy life.

Creating programs and policies that develop employee job satisfaction can be expensive and time consuming for employers. However they’re faced with this task now more than ever in order to attract – and keep – the best employees. Otherwise, there’s no reason you won’t turn to a competing company who will reward you significantly, and in ways that suit you, for a job well done.

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