Improve your office feng shui

You probably spend as much time at work as you do at home, so why not ensure your office space is just as inviting and comfy? Feng shui, the popular Chinese approach managing your surroundings, can totally be applied to your desk space. Boosting the flow of chi or energy around your desk can help you speed through your pesky inbox. Here’s how...

"An uninspiring office space leads to a lack of creativity and procrastination," says Sydney-based feng shui expert Jane Langof. "A messy office contains scattered energy that affects your ability to think clearly and focus on your career goals."

"A messy office contains scattered energy that affects your ability to think clearly and focus on your career goals."

According to Langof, the biggest feng shui mistake in an office is letting clutter get out of hand, "causing blockages, stagnant energy and a lack of receptivity to new opportunities".

  • Kick clutter to the curb. Address mess by thoroughly cleaning and organising your workspace. Our advice? Be brutal. Fresh energy, air and natural light around your desk are the ideal but for those of us in offices where opening windows is not an option, improvise.

    "Use a desk fan to help circulate air and a desk lamp with an incandescent globe to simulate warm, natural light”, says Langof.

    Plants like the Peace Lily are great for producing oxygen and removing chemicals from indoor air, however, if you’re working from home, they should be avoided in bedrooms as they release carbon dioxide at night, advises Langof.
  • Sit right. It’s best to be seated where you can see who's entering the room, so if you aren’t able to, especially if your back is to a busy corridor, try placing a reflective surface on your desk or monitor, such as a small mirror.

    Opt for a high back chair that will provide extra support and protection. "If you sit with your back against a solid wall, it will help you to feel more empowered and in control," explains Langof.
  • Change your surroundings. There’s nothing wrong with pimping your desk with pretty things that will help you get through the day. Think: cute stationery, a plant, photos or a vase of flowers.

    Avoid sitting near pointy objects such as the corner of a column, or artwork that is pointy, and directly underneath low sloped ceilings and low overhead beams – all these can cause tension and headaches.

    Use the colour yellow, where possible – even a yellow screensaver or post-it notes can help bring the positive vibes.

This article is sponsored by SEEK and originally appeared on Cleo Online.