How to turn your 2024 annual leave into triple the days off

As we say Kia Ora to 2024, it’s worth boosting your annual leave days for the year ahead..

Why it’s important to take annual leave

Most full-time workers in New Zealand are entitled to four weeks of paid annual leave a year. When used wisely, this time off can reap huge rewards for you, both personally and professionally. In fact, 77% of Kiwis agree that taking annual holidays helps them be more productive in the workplace.

Here’s how to use 15 days of annual leave, in combination with public holidays, to get longer breaks throughout 2024 – and into 2025!

Waitangi Day 2023

Make the most of Waitangi Day by taking a day off beforehand to get a four-day weekend.

  • Saturday 3 February: Weekend
  • Sunday 4 February: Weekend
  • Monday 5 February: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 6 February: Waitangi Day public holiday

Easter 2024

Take four days off over Easter to get a 10-day holiday.

  • Friday 29 March: Good Friday Public Holiday
  • Saturday 30 March: Weekend
  • Sunday 31 March: Easter Sunday (Weekend)
  • Monday 1 April: Easter Monday Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 2 April: Annual Leave
  • Wednesday 3 April: Annual Leave
  • Thursday 4 April: Annual Leave
  • Friday 5 April: Annual Leave
  • Saturday 6 April: Weekend
  • Sunday 7 April: Weekend

ANZAC Day 2024

Take a Thursday off to turn ANZAC into a four-day weekend.

  • Thursday 25 April: ANZAC Day public holiday
  • Friday 26 April: Annual leave
  • Saturday 27 April: Weekend
  • Sunday 28 April: Weekend

King’s Birthday 2024

King’s Birthday falls on Monday 3 June, so why not take the Friday off for an extra-long weekend?

  • Friday 31 May: Annual leave
  • Saturday 1 June: Weekend
  • Sunday 2 June: Weekend
  • Monday 3 June: King’s Birthday public holiday

Matariki 2024

Our third Matariki public holiday is on Friday 28 June this year. Why not celebrate by taking the following Monday off for a four-day break?

  • Friday 28 June: Matariki public holiday
  • Saturday 29 June: Weekend
  • Sunday 30 June: Weekend
  • Monday 1 July: Annual leave

Labour Day 2024

Labour Day 2024 give Kiwis for a nice break between Matariki and Christmas, especially if you take the Friday off beforehand.

  • Friday 25 October: Annual leave
  • Saturday 26 October: Weekend
  • Sunday 27 October: Weekend
  • Monday 28 October: Labour Day public holiday

Christmas and January 2024-25

If you want to get really organised for 2025, book in six days of annual leave for a whopping 16-day break over the silly season!

  • Saturday 21 December: Weekend
  • Sunday 22 December: Weekend
  • Monday 23 December: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 24 December: Annual leave
  • Wednesday 25 December: Christmas Day public holiday
  • Thursday 26 December: Boxing Day public holiday
  • Friday 27 December: Annual leave
  • Saturday 28 December: Weekend
  • Sunday 29 December: Weekend
  • Monday 30 December: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 31 December: Annual leave
  • Wednesday 1 January 2025: New Year’s Day public holiday
  • Thursday 2 January 2025: Day after New Year’s Day public holiday
  • Friday 3 January 2025: Annual leave
  • Saturday 4 January 2025: Weekend
  • Sunday 5 January 2025: Weekend

Even after all of this time off, you’ve still got five days of annual leave up your sleeve. You could use them to take time off for your birthday or join them together for a long weekend of your choosing.  New Zealand also celebrates quite a few regional public holidays, so check out Employment New Zealand to find out when yours are.  

Annual leave allows you to take a proper break from work and return feeling refreshed. It can also give you the time and space to think about new career directions or fresh ways of doing things. By looking at all the public holidays coming up in the next year, you can build an annual leave plan that maximises your chance to recharge your batteries.

Source: Independent research conducted by Nature of behalf of SEEK, interviewing 4000 Kiwis annually. Published January 2024.