There are many ways in which you can use SEEK to get that job. One way to increase your chances is to create a SEEK Profile. Through your SEEK Profile, employers can get in touch with a great job opportunity, while SEEK can also make recommendations based on the information included in your profile so you never miss a job opportunity.

Setting up a profile on SEEK is easy. Once you click on the Profile tab from the SEEK home page, you’ll be prompted to update your profile. If you don’t have a profile yet, you’ll have the option to register for one.

Then, you’ll be prompted to fill out fields such as previous work experience, home location (so employers know whether you’re in close proximity to potential jobs), your preferred industry and your choice of profile visibility (you’re in control of how much of your profile is visible to employers).

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a basic profile up and running, with the option to create a more detailed profile in the next step.

Why use SEEK Profile?

Instead of solely using the search tool on SEEK, having a detailed profile – filled out with as much information as possible – means recruiters and employers can search for talent like you based on specific keywords and can get in touch if your profile matches a role they’re looking to fill. This means your dream job could come knocking even when you’re not actively looking for a role.  

Hear from Stacey, Ella and Caroline who were successfully found via their SEEK Profile.

Stand-out features of SEEK Profile

Based on the details filled out in your profile, you’ll have the option to receive alerts via email when new jobs are advertised on SEEK that match your credentials. So, you’ll not only be opening yourself up to employers who are seeking new talent, but you’ll also be allowing SEEK to keep you in the know, without having to visit our site and search for the latest jobs.

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