New Zealand’s fastest-growing jobs

The economy here in New Zealand has been through one of the toughest years on record due to COVID-19, and many Kiwis are continuing to feel the impact on their working lives.

But some industries are showing positive signs of growth compared to when the pandemic first hit, SEEK data shows.

If you’re looking for work or considering a change, it may help to get a picture of what’s happening in the job market and the industries seeing growth.

So, which industries and roles are leading the way?

Top five industries for job ad growth

The top five list is made up of a broad range of industries. Sports & Recreation leads the way with 125% lift in July-August compared to when the pandemic first hit in March.

One of the hardest-hit industries – Hospitality & Tourism – is in fifth place with a 74% increase. Does this signal the start of a comeback?

Craig Binney, Head of People & Culture at New Zealand’s largest locally owned and operated hotel group, Scenic Hotel Group, says March was one of the toughest months in the group’s 30-year history, but that the lift in domestic tourism is helping to drive recovery.

He also says that there is greater flexibility required of Hospitality & Tourism workers – and this may be worth noting when planning your next application in the industry.

“A lot of the structural barriers have had to be broken down,” says Binney. “Before, we would say ‘you work in the restaurant, you work in housekeeping and you work at reception’, and roles were very clearly defined. That has kind of been thrown out the window now and there is a real kind of cross-training, as well as cross-skills required in the job descriptions for roles that we are putting out.

“There's more flexibility, which hopefully creates a slightly more interesting job.”

Job ad growth
Government & Defence Government Advisor 108%
Healthcare & Medical Physiotherapist 101%
Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics Storeperson 94%
Sales Sales Representative 84%
Information & Communication Technology Project Manager 82%
Community Services & Development Social Worker 71%
Hospitality & Tourism Chef 70%
Healthcare & Medical Registered Nurse 56%
Trades & Services Labourer 52%
Administration & Office Support Receptionist 52%
Community Services & Development Aged & Disability Support Worker 50%
Real Estate & Property Residential Real Estate Sales 48%
Sales Account Manager 46%
Healthcare & Medical Psychologist 32%
Sales Business Development Manager 32%
Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics Drivers 29%
Information & Communication Technology Developer 28%
Accounting Accountant 28%
Construction Quantity Surveyor 28%
Administration & Office Support Administrator 27%
Administration & Office Support Executive Assistant 25%
Retail & Consumer Products Merchandiser 17%
Administration & Office Support Personal Assistant 16%
Retail & Consumer Products Store Manager 16%
Administration & Office Support Office Administrator 15%
Trades & Services Cleaner 14%
Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics Machine Operator 13%
Engineering Structural Engineer 13%
Information & Communication Technology Software Engineer 11%
Trades & Services Carpenter 9%

The roles on the rise

If you’re interested in government advisor roles, you have the recent federal election to thank for the 108% lift in job ads since March.

Ben Pearson, General Manager Wellington at Beyond Recruitment, says there’s generally a lift in these roles during an election period.

“One thing we have seen is an uplift in activity leading up to and now post the election due to government organisations required to produce BIMs (Briefings for Incoming Ministers),” says Pearson.

“There is also a spike in work around policy, with some analysis and writing skill requirements. Following this, we will see more Performance Improvement Frameworks being developed, which will also create demand in the government advisor space.”

Meanwhile, changes in consumer behaviour during COVID-19 may have contributed to the 94% increase in job ads for storepersons in the Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics industry.

Libby Brazier, Group Permanent Director at Adecco, says there’s been a sharp increase in requirements for experienced storespeople, especially in the Auckland region.

“This is largely due to the increase in online shopping requirements after lockdown and the hesitance of people to go into environments where large crowds are gathered,” she says.

“Our clients’ demands have amplified significantly for these roles, as well as fork hoist drivers and pick packers that can work in fast-paced environments and have experience using hand scanners.”

Since March, COVID-19 has had huge impacts to the economy, job market and peoples’ working lives. But some roles and industries are recording growth in job ads – and this may be a sign of more good news to come.

Source: SEEK job ad growth (Mar-Apr'20 vs Jul_Aug'20)

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