Employers want to see THIS in your profile

When you think about the attributes potential employers are looking for when they scan your resume or online profile, phrases like ‘motivated’, ‘strong work ethic’, and ‘reliability’ probably spring to mind. Sure, most employers are looking for those qualities – but there’s one thing ALL savvy business owners, hiring managers and recruiters want to see.

That one desirable attribute is determination. And highlighting it in your SEEK profile can help you stand out amid the competition and secure that role you’ve been gunning for.

That one desirable attribute is determination. And highlighting it in your SEEK profile can help you stand out amid the competition and secure that role you've been gunning for.
  • What is determination? Determination is generally defined as being a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something you’ve set your mind to, even when that task is difficult.

    It’s about having focus and staying on task to achieve your goals. It’s about finding the motivation and confidence to stay the course when faced with adversity. It’s about being enthusiastic about the end result, and working hard to get the win.
  • Why determination is important. Determination is a transferable quality that transcends industry and levels of seniority, and is attractive to prospective employers because it indicates a commitment to the role and perpetual improvement. 

    Essentially, if a manager can see that you're determined, they'll have confidence that you'll do the best job you possibly can.

    Andrew Morris, Director Robert Half, says, “a great resume – whether an online profile or cover letter – needs to provide the hiring manager with a clear overview of a candidate’s competencies, concise messaging, and the right dose of enthusiasm”.

    “The recruiter wants to grasp a potential new candidate’s personal and professional passions, as well as signs of determination and excitement,” says Andrew. “At the same time, too much enthusiasm should be counteracted with a touch of modesty.”

    If you can highlight determination and a will to succeed to hiring managers and business owners, you might find yourself short-listed above candidates who may be seen to lack drive, or crumble in the face of a challenge.
  • Showcasing determination in your profile. Morris advises candidates to “communicate in detail what industry they are most passionate about, and then describe how their skills, personal hobbies, and ambition complement their chosen industry”.

    “Without sounding too bullish, candidates can integrate their personal passions with professional skills to demonstrate their suitability for a role.”

    In the Career history section of your profile, point to your determination in each role description – explaining succinctly how this quality saw you work towards and achieve a goal. Reiterate this in the Skills and qualifications segment of your profile, using active language and phrases to highlight your determination where relevant. For example, you may have used your determination to achieve or exceed a sales target, or you might list one of your most important skills as being a determination to work through challenges. These examples could also be cited upfront in the Personal summary section of your profile, to identify determination as a key strength of yours.

Whatever industry or role you want to work in, make sure your determination is clear in your SEEK profile.

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