Considering a new job? Use this checklist to prepare

Many of us stay in jobs because we fear we won’t find a better role or might regret taking a new job. In fact, research from SEEK shows that 55% of people agree they’re worried if they change jobs, the new company might not be for them. 

With lagging COVID impacts and the rising cost of living, almost half of working New Zealanders feel changing jobs in the current climate is riskier than before.  

But SEEK employment data shows there are 35% more job opportunities advertised right now than in September 2019, which means now is a great time to consider changing jobs.  

To make the right move, you need to be clear about your motivation for change and what you believe is missing from your current role. It’s important to do your research, network and be prepared for any challenges that lie ahead. It can take time, focus, and like any big move, lots of different steps to make it happen. 

That’s why we’ve developed this simple job-change checklist to help you assess your priorities and stay on track while you work through your job search.   

Download the checklist below to get started. 

Source: Independent research conducted on behalf of SEEK, surveying 4000 Kiwis annually.