5 of the best careers for analytical thinkers

Do you thrive when faced with a problem to solve? As an analytical thinker, your skills are invaluable in the workplace. Your ability to deal with complex issues can lead to better processes and business outcomes.

Analytical thinkers can often find success in several fields, but here are five particular roles that could suit this personality trait to a T.

1. Business Analyst

Analytical people shine when they're able to critically examine an issue and come up with a solution – which is a key process in the role of a business analyst.

As a business analyst, you'll be relied on for using your technical and organisational skills to identify issues in a company and create strategies to address them. A love of structure and systems is valuable in this role – you'll be responsible for introducing new processes, plus reworking existing methods to make them more efficient.

2. Accountant

Analytical brains often go hand in hand with a love of facts and figures, making them a natural fit for accounting. Attention to detail will prove extremely useful when interpreting and analysing financial data for clients. As an analytical thinker, you might prefer working independently and being able to spend time poring over problems – these are both key elements of being an accountant.

3. Criminologist

Criminology is the scientific analysis of crime and responses to it – a fascinating field for analytical thinkers to delve into. It often involves structuring ideas and working with complex theories to solve problems faced by the criminal justice system.

Criminologists can work across a variety of areas including research, policy analysis, court consultation and teaching – all of which will rely heavily on being able to critically examine an issue.

4. Logistics Manager

It can take a hefty amount of data to manage the large-scale storage and distribution of goods, and to ensure a supply chain runs effectively. Analytical thinkers can excel in this role as it takes great attention to detail, a love of problem solving and the ability to absorb and remember large volumes of information.

As a logistics manager, you'll also need the ability to plan projects and consistently supply new strategies to ensure goods are always delivered on time.

5. Legal Secretary

Researching legal matters, preparing contracts and legal documentation – these are some of the administrative and clerical duties a legal secretary performs for a law firm.

The role would put an analytical thinker's key skills to good use as it takes the ability to work with copious amounts of information each day, plus great attention to detail. Excellent organisational skills are also a benefit when it comes to keeping on top of numerous cases and clients.

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