A guide to salaries in your industry

Money. It’s one of the main considerations for people when it comes to accepting, staying or moving into a job, yet it’s also one of the most difficult things to talk about.

The hardest thing is knowing where to pitch yourself: go too low and you could be underselling yourself; pitch too high and you could be overlooked.

When it comes to your salary range, there are so many factors that can impact how much money you should be asking for. How long you’ve worked in the industry, your qualifications, your achievements, where you live, the demand for your skills, the company hiring and industry trends can all play a part.

There's been a 4.7% rise in salaries over the past year, according to SEEK's Advertised Salary Index for May, and there continue to be many job opportunities on SEEK for workers across New Zealand.

Explore salaries to get a feel for what roles typically pay.

If you’re still in need of some guidance on what salary you should be pitching yourself at, check out Pitch perfect: Get your salary sorted with our guide.

Source: The SEEK NZ Advertised Salary Index (ASI) measures the growth in advertised salaries for jobs posted on SEEK in New Zealand. Data up to the quarter ending May 2023 (March, April, and May 2023).

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