5 qualities of people who get promoted

Ready for your next challenge? Want to be working in a more high-powered role? Hungry for greater responsibility and a few more dollar signs? There’s a thing (or five) to learn from professionals who get promoted, to set you steadily on your way up.

  1. They understand the business beyond their role. Most successful people look at the broader picture and understand how their actions impact the organisation they work for. They see their role as a matter of cause and effect, and make decisions based on the greater goals and objectives of the company. It might take some practice, but the next time you’re presented with an important task, ask yourself: will what I’m doing help our company achieve its goals, financially or otherwise?
  2. They have a good relationship with their manager. No one should be making besties with their boss purely to get ahead, but developing a genuinely respectful and personable relationship with your manager can help you learn many new things. The fact that your manager holds a leadership position means they have likely been promoted several times, so observing and understanding their behaviours can help you take on the qualities you admire and weave them into your own working style.
  3. They offer solutions. You know those colleagues that always seem to save the day? They’re also the ones being promoted. To be successful at work, you need to be able to master your problem-solving skills and offer solutions that others may not be capable of. At the end of the day, every workplace values employees who take initiative and make things happen without having to be spoon-fed. Problem solving involves having the ability to identify issues standing in the way of achieving a goal, and then being able to decide on a possible solution from a number of options. So the next time you’re in a meeting, don’t simply sit there and listen to others’ issues. Be the person to speak up, make your ideas known, and then put them into play.
  4. They work beyond the requirements of their job description. There are many ways you can take on work beyond your job description ­without appearing to be your manager’s pet. Aside from increasing your chances of a promotion, taking your role to new heights will give you greater experience and expertise, as well as a more varied working week. To prove you’re capable, you could also offer your skills up as a mentor. There are always people eager to learn, and the ability to train and manage other staff members may be an important part of the role you’re hoping to ascend to.
  5. They’re comfortable celebrating their achievements. Being good at what you do is paramount to success, but if no one knows what you’ve done, will you be rewarded appropriately? Developing positive relationships with colleagues both in and beyond your team allow you to lend your expertise widely, and be part of a range of workplace victories. Without tooting your horn too much, you could also suggest adding an ‘accomplishment’ discussion to catchups with your manager, so your success can be measured and rewarded. It can be hard to do, but it’s key to taking that next big step.
There are many ways you can take on work beyond your job description _without appearing to be your manager’s pet.