5 careers for those who love the outdoors

Is your idea of a great career one where you’re outside instead of in an office?

The good news is, there are so many different kinds of jobs for people who love the outdoors. Want to get your hands dirty and become an expert in certain types of minerals? Or maybe you’d prefer a role that isn’t on land. There’s plenty to choose from.

Here are five outdoor jobs that’ll expand your horizons.

  1. Geologist
    Interested in studying the earth and its mineral deposits, or surveying the land and naturally occurring events like earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions? Geologists do all that and more.

    With a mix of field work, laboratory and computer-based work, Geologists’ roles are exciting and varied, but generally revolve around exploring the earth for resources such as metals, oil, natural gas and water, or studying the changes of the earth over time, such as climate change and land formation.
  2. Department of Conservation (DOC) Ranger
    Interested not only in working in the great outdoors, but also looking after it? DOC Rangers protect, improve and maintain areas such as regional and national parks, forests, wetlands, reserves, and sites of cultural importance.

    Their work can range from inspections and reporting, through to checking facilities and performing maintenance and cleaning. Being self-motivated and able to enjoy working by yourself is important in a role like this, but a ranger is also the human face of the environment they manage. This means in addition to their daily duties, they’re often out and about talking to people.
  3. Farm Manager
    Are you interested in raising or growing the food that everyone enjoys? Farm Managers are responsible for planning, management and day-to-day running of a range of farm types, including: fruit, vegetables, vineyards, dairy, sheep and other livestock.

    From scheduling and coordinating animal breeding and crop production, through to pest and weed control, a Farm Manager’s role is diverse. Though the work isn’t always easy, it can be very rewarding. It requires a ‘get stuck in’ attitude and a willingness to learn about interesting, new agricultural technologies and farming methods.
  4. Marine Engineer
    Do you get a kick out of large boats? Are you happy being outside in all kinds of weather conditions? Marine Engineering could be an ideal career for you. It requires designing, operating, servicing and repairing engines, as well as all other major mechanical and engineered equipment on board a ship.

    The role is responsible for everything from keeping the propellers turning, through to ensuring the toilets are flushing. If this type of responsibility sounds exciting to you, there are a range of roles in the commercial and defence sectors on offer.
  5. Environmental Engineer
    Interested in developing innovative solutions to environmental problems? Environmental Engineers use engineering, biology, chemistry and soil science to address issues relating to public health, air pollution, recycling, waste disposal and water quality.

    They also create innovative solutions for sustainable development. The role involves collating and analysing scientific data, designing and managing environmental protection projects, and preparing and reviewing investigative reports.

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