4 common hurdles that could be holding you back

If you feel like you’re not progressing in your career, or that something is holding you back from finding a new role, you could be the one standing in your own way.

While resisting change may not seem like a big deal, staying in a job that does not provide professional satisfaction can have a negative impact on your career and see you miss out on new opportunities.

Here are four top reasons why you may not be getting ahead at work:

1. You’re too comfortable

People take comfort in things that are familiar to them, however, this can often be at the detriment of feeling challenged and fulfilled. If the idea of a new challenge or learning something from scratch puts you off, you may be too comfortable and in need of a shake-up.

29% of Kiwis change industries to feel challenged, which can lead to a sense of achievement, and can increase your self-esteem. If you’re bored or not feeling fulfilled, it’s time to start pushing yourself beyond what you already know. Chat with your boss about taking on a new task, or upskilling your way into a new role. They’ll be happy you’ve taken initiative, and will be pleased to support you to try something new.

2. You fear rejection

If you know you’re not progressing, but you’re worried prospective employers will reject your applications, you’re not alone. No one likes to feel rejected, but the large majority of us aren’t going to be successful with the first job that we apply for. Receiving a few knock backs is part of the process, but the reward of finding a new role and feeling fulfilled definitely outweighs a rejection or two.

Consider the worst-case scenario. Would a few rejection emails really be so bad if they ended up paving the way to something better? Alternatively, add your career aspirations to your SEEK Profile so that employers can contact you with job opportunities. Remind yourself not to take rejection personally, and if you could use an extra confidence boost, check out our top four tips on what to do if you don’t land the job.

3. You fear the unknown

Concerned that you’ll struggle to fit in and contribute at a new workplace? Most people worry about fitting in with a new crowd and company culture as part of new job nerves, but you can’t let that stand between you and a great role.

If you struggle with a fear of the unknown, make it your business to do your homework and know the business you’ll be joining inside and out. A little research online and some thoughtful questions during your interview will put you in a great position to hit the ground running.

4. You’ve put career progression in the ‘too-hard’ basket

Being resistant to change can mean missing out on fantastic opportunities for career progression – but you needn’t let a fear of change stand between you and the next big thing.

Your attitude significantly determines your career path and where you end up, and like many things in life, you only get out what you put in. If you know it’s time for a change but you’re struggling to make a start, grab some motivational career guides from your local bookstore, or invest in a couple of sessions with a reputable career coach.

Embracing change can be challenging, but that doesn’t make it impossible. If you’re ready to embrace change and move forward, check out a recruiter’s tips on the dos and don’ts of navigating a career change.