3 ways to make part-time work fulfilling

Those who work in full-time roles often say they would relish the opportunity to work part-time, and while there are obvious challenges in doing so, it’s good to be aware of the many other obstacles part-time workers frequently face.

SEEK research revealed that 58% of Kiwis believed that working part-time was career limiting. But whether you’re working part-time to care for your family, study or recover from an illness, there are many ways to make this kind of work fulfilling. We’ve got three to share with you here.

  • Be clear about how you will manage your time. 1 in 3 (33%) part-time workers stated that they have felt discriminated against as someone working part-time. When full-time workers were probed on the same topic, their key perceived reasons for this were that they were ‘not as readily available as their full-time colleagues’ (30%) and that ‘they had a lack of commitment to their company’ (25%).

    To avoid being the subject of this perception, SEEK’s HR Manager Rebecca Supierz says that once you have agreed on your flexible arrangements with your manager, be clear in your communications to stakeholders and your team on your availability and arrangements. “Make sure you have plans in place if something urgent comes up whilst you aren't in the office,” she adds.
  • Try and find work that you enjoy. 24% of Kiwis said the main reason they work part-time is for work-life balance. When asked what they specifically meant by work-life balance, most stated flexible hours and ensuring they had time to perform additional duties at home.

    While you’re focusing your attention on other parts of your life, it can be easy to fall into a trap of thinking your job doesn’t matter, and that your time spent at work isn’t as important as your colleagues’.

    Supierz advises that before you start your part-time role, “be clear upfront about what work or projects you will be involved in to ensure that the work you are doing, whilst part-time, has impact and adds value to the company.”
  • Get your foot in the door. 8% of people stated that working part-time wasn’t by choice, their key reason being that they can’t currently find full-time work, so have taken up one or multiple part-time jobs to try and earn some money.

    If your first thought is to turn down a part-time role because it’s not exactly what you’re after, think again. Accepting a part-time role can give you the chance to get your foot in the door of a company you really want to work for.

    Jason Walker, Managing Director of Hays Recruitment New Zealand believes that as with any full-time employee, it’s important that you make your career aspirations known to your manager. “Make time to have regular career discussions to avoid being overlooked for projects and promotions.”