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Workplace diversity – what’s really important?

Interviews 19 April 2017

Diversity has become a familiar buzzword in recent years and many organisations are now committed to increasing their diversity. But what does “workplace diversity” actually mean and what… Read more

Workplace diversity – what’s really important?

8 different interview types and how to nail them

Interviews 17 April 2017

There is a range of different interview approaches that employers and recruiters use when they’re searching for the right talent. Each different interview style comes with its own nuances… Read more

How to overcome age bias in the interview process

Interviews 13 December 2016

Unconscious bias is hard to overcome. Age discrimination can be a significant issue for many jobseekers. Interviewers often assume that bright young things have ‘too little experience’ and… Read more

4 ways to prepare for an interview

Interviews 13 October 2016

There’s interview preparation. And then there’s REALLY preparing for the interview. It’s the latter that will get you the job. Interview preparation includes some real givens says, Andrew… Read more

4 ways to prepare for an interview

Interviews 13 October 2016

The why and how of informal interviews

Interviews 20 September 2016

“Let’s meet over a coffee, or beer.” Informal interviews are increasingly common, but can be disconcerting for newbies. They’re often a stepping stone to the formal interview and offer… Read more

The why and how of informal interviews

Interviews 20 September 2016

The simple mistake that could be costing you the job

Interviews  8 September 2016

Employers love confident candidates. But how much is too much? Whether you’re going for a junior or a senior role it’s important to get the level of confidence just right for the job.… Read more

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